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Benchmark 5: Student Support

Purpose of Student Support

The Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH) must provide wrap-around strategies and services involving multiple stakeholders to strengthen academic, technical, and individual support for students to be successful in their P-TECH program.

Design Elements

  1. Bridge Programs

    The P-TECH provides a bridge program (an intensive academic preparation program that provides opportunities to strengthen academic skills necessary for high school, college readiness, and career readiness) to prepare students for the TSIA and provide academic interventions for those who do not pass the TSIA. The bridge program may also serve to support student transition from middle school to the P-TECH program. 
  2. Advising

    The P-TECH shall collaborate with its IHE to personalize the learning environment for students through developing individualized student plans for ongoing academic support, filing a degree plan, and the attainment of long-term goals. The P-TECH and IHE shall develop robust college and career advising systems to support student plans and advance academic progress and shall develop a process for collaboration to provide an academic bridge across two educational systems.
  3. Student Intervention

    The P-TECH shall administer interventions as needed, including tutoring and/or Saturday school for identified students in need of academic supports. The P-TECH shall monitor academic progress with formative data.
  4. Classroom Support

    The P-TECH shall provide advisory and/or college and career readiness advising and support time built into the instructional sequence for all students. The P-TECH shall provide skill building instruction for students, such as time management, study skills, collaboration, and interpersonal relationship skills.
  5. Wrap-Around Strategies and Services

    The P-TECH shall provide a system of supports that encompasses career, academic, behavioral, and mental health supports for all students.
  6. Enrichment Opportunities

    The P-TECH shall provide enrichment opportunities, including the following: 
    1. A structured program of community service to promote community involvement 

    2. Partnering with community businesses to expose students to a variety of potential career options and possible internship opportunities

    3. Establishing a mentorship program available to all students 

    4. Parent outreach and involvement opportunities 

    5. Family engagement to support rigorous course enrollment and college and career planning

  7. College and Career Preparation

    The P-TECH shall provide college and career awareness to current and prospective students and families, including the following:

    1. College application assistance 

    2. Financial aid counseling 

    3. College and career counseling




  • Bridge program curriculum and schedule 



  • Schedule of advising events



  • Tutoring schedules 



  • Advisory/study skills curriculum material 



  • Calendar of enrichment events and family outreach events