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Texas College and Career Readiness School Models

Empowering Students For Future Success

Preparing students for the world beyond high school is critical to the economic future of our nation. In the state of Texas, historically underserved students comprise the majority of our total student population. To close opportunity gaps and equalize access to high-quality education, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) created the Texas College and Career Readiness School Models (CCRSM) Network. This network, led by the TEA, brings together proven models under a single umbrella of support. Each model offers a unique pathway to postsecondary education, while ensuring that all students have the opportunity to achieve their highest potential.


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Approximately 470 campuses in Texas are implementing one or more of the CCRSM models, or are in the planning phase and expecting to serve students in the upcoming school year. This partnership of 215 school districts across Texas bridges secondary campuses with more than 60 community colleges and universities. Through these models, and with technical assistance provided by Educate Texas, CCRSM campuses provide holistic, rigorous programming to help students develop college and career skills, accumulate college credit hours, and become top candidates for recruitment in high-demand fields.

School Model Locator

School Model Locator

CCRSM campuses are spread across the state, with concentrations in major population centers in Dallas/Fort Worth, the Rio Grande Valley, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and El Paso. Campuses in over 20 of the districts we support are in rural areas and have developed innovative ways to connect to colleges and industry partners.

Video Library

Video Library

Access our extensive library of webinars, including presentations from TEA and campus leaders, panel discussions featuring students, campus leaders, IHE and business/industry partners; and workshops on model Blueprints, OBMs, data use, programs of study, labor market information and more. These webinars are curated from past events such as Leadership Summit, Onboarding Workshops and New Leader Summit.

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All CCRSM campuses and their partnering Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs) and business and industry providers make up the CCRSM network. A critical component for successful implementation of CCRSM models is the development of partnerships between network campuses, IHEs, and business and industry. TEA plays a key role in supporting campuses as they cultivate these critical relationships.

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Community of Practice

TEA provides network campuses access to the Community of Practice (CoP), an online resource where CCRSM members can request information on the implementation of best practices, upcoming grant application cycles, and other useful updates. Campus leaders use the CoP to connect with other campus and district leaders and their coaches to share experiences and exchange resources.

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Ongoing and Upcoming Events

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There are currently no upcoming events. Check back regularly for updates, or visit the Events and Announcements page to view recordings and content from past events.

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