Resource Collection

STEAM Summer Camp Flyer High School

Flyer to advertise STEAM Camp

Extern Peer Presentation Template

This list is to serve as a general framework to assist students with video presentation planning about their externship

Teacher Externship Program Application & Pre-Survey Form

This resource developed by Judson ISD is a Teacher Externship Placement form that captures the teacher's interest, education, academic field, areas of expertise and industry experience

Summer Bridge Poetry

Brief discussion of integrating poetry into summer bridge for 6th graders

Supplies List for Summer Camp

Sample of supplies and logistics planning items for summer camp

PSAT Preparation Course Agenda

Short description of PSAT preparation course and agendas

STEM Camp Flyer Brooks

Flyer to advertise STEM Camp

Extern Role

One-page document defines the expectations of a teacher extern

Externship Student Reflection Checklist

Reflection tool designed to help guide students during the externship experience itself