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Walkthrough Analysis -Global HS 2012-2013

Benchmark 4

We are Family: Providing Social-Emotional and Academic Support for Students

ECHS Best Practices Summit – 2017
Breakout Session

Webinar: Resources for TSI Support

We invite you to join the Resources for TSI Support webinar to learn:
• Benchmark 5 Overview
• TSI Evidence
• Managing TSI Data
• Summer Bridge
• TSI Curriculum-Master Schedule
• TSI Assessment resources
Linda Hinojosa, Freer ECHS
Jonathan Martinez, Texas A&M International University
Yvette Cavazos, ECHS Leadership Coach

Webinar: Sustainability and Support Structures with IHE Partnerships – April 20, 2017

We invite you to join us for the Sustainability and Support Structures for IHE Partnerships webinar to learn:
· Successful ECHS & IHE Relationships
· Creating an MOU
· Leadership Meetings
· Overcoming Conflict
· Scheduling
· Creating Curriculum Crosswalk

Who should attend: Designated ECHS campuses and district leadership and staff, campuses/districts interested in ECHS, dual credit partners, and any ECHS stakeholder.

Dr. Tracie Rodriguez, Director for Early College Program and Workforce Education
Corpus Christi ISD

Robert Montez, Early College Director
Del Mar College

Evanita Ramos, ECHS Leadership Coach

Dr. Kim Woodson, Coordinator for College and Career Readiness Initiatives
ESC Region 13

Wheel of Apps - University of Edinburgh

Benchmark 5

Winter Bridge

ECHS Best Practices Summit – 2017
Breakout Session

Working Together to Build a Stronger Future

ECHS Best Practices Summit – 2016
Breakout Session