Resource Collection

Webinar: Sustainability and Support Structures with IHE Partnerships – April 20, 2017

We invite you to join us for the Sustainability and Support Structures for IHE Partnerships webinar to learn:
· Successful ECHS & IHE Relationships
· Creating an MOU
· Leadership Meetings
· Overcoming Conflict
· Scheduling
· Creating Curriculum Crosswalk

Who should attend: Designated ECHS campuses and district leadership and staff, campuses/districts interested in ECHS, dual credit partners, and any ECHS stakeholder.

Dr. Tracie Rodriguez, Director for Early College Program and Workforce Education
Corpus Christi ISD

Robert Montez, Early College Director
Del Mar College

Evanita Ramos, ECHS Leadership Coach

Dr. Kim Woodson, Coordinator for College and Career Readiness Initiatives
ESC Region 13

Benchmarks 2, 4 and 5: Student Data Management, webinar slide presentation video

This video captures a webinar held by TEA on April 23, 2015. The purpose of the webinar was to offer tips and ideas to make gathering and working with student data easier for classroom teachers.

TEA: Required Early College High School Design Elements

This document from TEA is essential for ECHS planning teams. It outlines the minimum required components that must be demonstrated by ECHS programs through their application for ECHS designation.

TEA: Memorandum of Understanding—Guidance for Early College High Schools

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is a critical legal document outlining the relationship and responsibilities of a School District and an Institution of Higher Education who enter into a partnership to create an ECHS. This document guides the process for developing an effective MOU.

TEA: Developing an ECHS Principal Job Description

A guide to help ECHS creation teams develop a job description for ECHS principals.

TEA Early College High School: Countdown to Opening

A checklist of the questions that need to be asked and answered at every phase of the process of creating an ECHS, starting from before the grant is written, up through the school's opening.

KnowledgeWorks Resource Room: Early College High School

Selecting the Early College High School category will show you a handful of relevant online and downloadable articles from national educational non-profit KnowlegeWorks, which has programs that promote the ECHS model.

Jobs for the Future: What Is the Cost of Planning and Implementing Early College High School?

This report is still available for download from Jobs for the Future because it still offers valid insights about the cost differences inherent in running an ECHS, as well as insights into different funding sources.

Benchmark 2: Partnership Agreements, panel discussion

Dr. Kimberly Woodson, Early College High School Project Coordinator, Education Service Center Region 13, asks two ECHS veterans, Dr. Janice Lombardi, principal, Trini Garza Early College High School, Dallas ISD, and Dr. Tracie S. Rodriguez, principal Collegiate High School and Branch Academy, Corpus Christi ISD, for insights on benchmark 2, partnership agreements.