All CCRSM campuses and their partnering Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs) make up the CCRSM network. Through the CCRSM network, TEA provides participating campuses holistic support, real-time resources and rewarding experiences. Regional convenings allow CCRSM campuses to network with their peers from across the state while engaging in valuable professional development sessions. TEA also provides network campuses access to the Community of Practice (CoP), an online resource where CCRSM members can request information on the implementation of best practices, upcoming grant application cycles and other useful updates. Campus leaders use the CoP to connect with other campus and district leaders and their coaches to share experiences and exchange resources.

A critical component for successful implementation of CCRSM models is the development of partnerships between network campuses, IHEs and business and industry. The TEA plays a key role in supporting campuses as they cultivate these critical relationships.