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Files With Tag: TEKS

A Systematic and Supportive Approach to Place-Based Student Research Projects

A look at student research projects established through programs like FFA and 4-H.

Integration Planning and Graphic Organizer

Complete the diagram by identifying the TEKS-aligned content and STEM fluency skills that are connected to the STEM lesson, unit, or project.

STEM Curricular Planning and Implementation Reflection for Teachers

The provided questions and reflection template can be used to initiate self-reflection and/or reflective conversations among collaborators in regard to planning processes, instruction during STEM activities, assessments including performance based, and the resulting student learning outcomes.

STEM Instructional Planning Guide

This instructional planning guide provides educators with best practices for developing STEM curricular units, lessons, and activities.

STEM Walkthrough Tool

This qualitative tool provides guidance for quick feedback to an instructor during an observation when STEM activities are being implemented in the classroom.