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Benchmark 3: P-16 Leadership Initiatives

Purpose of P-16 Leadership Initiatives

The school district and institution(s) of higher education (IHE) partners shall develop and maintain a leadership team that meets regularly (e.g., quarterly or monthly) to address issues of design, implementation, ongoing implementation, and sustainability. Membership should include the Early College High School leader and individuals with decision-making authority from the district(s) and IHE(s).

Design Elements

All ECHSs must implement and meet the following requirements:

  1. The ECHS shall establish a leadership team that includes high-level personnel with decision-making authority who meet regularly and report to each organization. Regularly scheduled meetings must address the following topics: 
    1. Identify members and the role each member will play in the design, governance, operations, accountability, curriculum development, professional development, outreach, sustainability, and continuous monitoring and improvement of the ECHS
    2. Assume shared responsibility (between the school district and the IHE) for annually reviewing the MOU/ILA or similar agreement for necessary revisions
    3. Assume shared responsibility (between the school district and the IHE) for meeting annual outcomes-based measures and providing annual reports to their district and IHE boards, as well as to the public.
    4. Monitor progress on meeting the Blueprint, including reviewing formative data to ensure the ECHS is on-track to meet outcomes-based measures
    5. Guide mid-course corrections as needed
  2. The leadership team shall develop long-term strategic priorities for the ECHS program along with a work plan for how to achieve programmatic goals in coordination with district and campus improvement planning. The leadership team shall include and meet regularly—in person and/or virtually—with the leaders from the district and IHE who have decision-making authority to execute changes toward this end:

    District leaders (may include):

    • Superintendent
    • Assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction, or equivalent position
    • ECHS principal or director
    • ECHS liaison to the IHE
    • CTE Director (if applicable to the ECHS model)
    • Department Chairs
    • School counselors
    • School-business partners
    • Parent representative

    IHE leaders (may include):

    • College or university president
    • Provost
    • Department Chairs for core academic disciplines
    • ECHS liaison to the ECHS
    • Advising or student support director
    • Dual credit officer
  3. Sustainability structures shall be identified and implemented to address and minimize the challenges of staff turnover and potential fluctuations in funding.


  • All products shall be published on the ECHS’s website and made available to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) upon request.
  • All products shall be maintained in accordance with the local records retention policy.


  • ECHS/IHE leadership meeting agendas
  • School board and board of regents’ presentations
  • Description of each member and role in committee
  • Document(s) outlining the strategic priorities for the current academic year and/or long-term priorities of the ECHS partnership


P-16 Leadership Initiatives, panel discussion

Video discussion on meeting benchmark 3 from two ECHS veterans, Dr. Janice Lombardi, principal, Trini Garza Early College High School, Dallas ISD, and Dr. Tracie S. Rodriguez, principal Collegiate High School and Branch Academy, Corpus Christi ISD.
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P-16 Leadership Initiatives, panel discussion

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