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By sustaining successful partnerships with Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs) and business and industry, Texas College and Career Readiness School Models (CCRSM) campus leaders ensure their internal leadership teams are equipped to support students’ college and career readiness. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) supports CCRSM campuses in their ongoing efforts to develop these critical relationships through multiple avenues, including campus coaching and professional development for partnership development.

Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs)

Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs)

Providing a rich and rewarding college experience to high school students requires robust partnerships between CCRSM campuses and their partner IHEs. Students should feel they are enrolled in an integrated program that seamlessly blends high school and college coursework and environments. Each CCRSM campus takes proactive steps to fully align programming and operations with its IHE partner(s). This alignment is reflected through leadership collaboration, shared policies and procedures, and ongoing relationship development. IHE leaders play a vital role in strategic planning and are members of Leadership Councils and Advisory Boards, providing guidance and thought partnership for campus programs.

Business and Industry Partnerships

Business and Industry Partnerships

CCRSM campus partnerships with business and industry partners open a wide range of opportunities for schools and students. Besides providing potential resources and experiential learning avenues for students, school partnerships with business and industry support real-time curriculum adaptation to reflect the issues that companies currently face. These partnerships give students an edge when they enter the highly competitive workforce. As with IHEs, successful partnerships with business and industry require CCRSM campuses to cultivate partner relationships, collaborate with partner representatives, and manage programming and operations to ensure alignment between expectations and deliverables. Industry leaders play a vital role in strategic planning and are members of leadership councils and advisory boards, providing guidance and thought partnership for the ECHS and P-TECH programs.

Partner Profiles
  • El Paso Community College

    El Paso Community College

    El Paso Community College joined the CCRSM network as a higher education partner in 2005 and launched its first ECHS program in 2006. As the number of El Paso campuses grew from one school to 17 campuses, EPCC formed its own mini-network for its high school partners.

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  • South Texas College

    South Texas College

    South Texas College Dual Credit Programs partner with 21 school districts across Hidalgo and Starr Counties, serving 32 Early College High Schools, three P-TECH high schools and 35 traditional dual credit high schools.

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  • Lone Star College System

    Lone Star College System

    Since 2007, Lone Star College-Houston North has worked with Victory Early College High School as its IHE partner. Lone Star first offered dual credit classes for Victory students at Carver High School. In 2012, the college built a facility dedicated to educating Victory’s students.

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Community of Practice

The Community of Practice (CoP) is an online community hosted on the Mobilize platform, and serves as a hub for CCRSM Network members to collaborate and access technical assistance information.

Join the CoP

The CoP is used by:

TEA and Educate Texas to share technical assistance resources, professional learning opportunities, and TEA designation and grant application information.

Campuses to connect with other leaders, their coaches, and TEA representatives to ask questions/get answers, share experiences, and seek resources.

Coaches to provide real-time technical assistance to campuses.

Institutes of Higher Education Partners to network, collaborate, and share resources and experiences with other IHE partners in the CCRSM network.

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