Community of Practice

The community of practice (CoP) is an online opportunity for College and Career Readiness School Models to network and access technical assistance. Through the CoP, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) shares updates on events, information on upcoming grant applications, and other helpful program information. The CoP is a place where campus leaders can connect with other leaders, their coaches, and TEA representatives to ask questions/get answers, share experiences, and seek resources. If you are a part of the College and Career Readiness School Models network and want to become part of the CoP, please complete the registration form available at

Please contact for more information.

Mid-Winter Regional Convenings

Join us for a full day of College & Career Readiness School Model support. Gain valuable insight through workshops, coach support and networking with other member schools. 

Where & When:
North Texas, January 21
East Texas, January 23
West Texas, January 28
Houston/Gulf Coast, January 30
South Texas, February 5
El Paso, February 12
Central/San Antonio, February 20

See below for registration information.

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